Hi guys!

Let me introduce myself to you, my name is Rolf, owner of Mömus - #stuffforcarguys, a small shop in the heart of Luxembourg. We sell performance, premium and classic cars, as well as performance and upgrade parts.

To promote all this goodness, we are rescuing and building up this here ugly duckling: an Audi A6 C5 2.7 Biturbo. It has 330000 km, tons of vibrations, rear accident damage, and is in a general of disrepair. It is also in a very poor spec, with the sports steering wheel as the only noteworthy optional extra. At least the air con works a treat.

The plan for this is to upgrade its performance to be equal to an all time dream car of mine, the Audi C5 RS6. However, did I mention our Ugly Duckling is a 6 speed manual? A big benefit over the RS6 in my eyes. I want to keep the exterior and overall condition the same for as long as possible, and have it be a real sleeper.

Mömus Audi A6 Ugly Duckling Before

Take a tour of our new project car in this little video that we made:

How to prepare your BMW for winter!

In this episode of 'Project Builds' presented by Mömus, we take a look at all the steps necessary to prepare your BMW for the winter months. From a humble wash, to a full paint sealant, window sealant in the style of RAIN-X, headlight bulbs, wipers, engine oil, fan / serpentine belt & tensioner and even the thermostat!

Vw Mk5 Country Gti Part 1: Taking the head off.

Hey guys, this week was a bad one for me. Due to food poisoning it's been a slow one. I was in the process to take the head off the engine when it hit. 

Luckily, I have this video to proof it. I'm afraid I did / do not have the strength to go through the photos nor to write a better update for this build, so please enjoy:

New Project: Building a Mk5 Golf Country GTI!

After a year of standing, it is time to revamp my GTI. After having the chain on the good old 2.0 turbo break, the car has been put inside our shop here at Mömus, to await its destiny. 

 In better days...

In better days...

First off, the car is a RHD. It was my daily when I worked in Ireland, and could not say goodbye. So it came back home with me, and shortly after had the breakdown. My first thoughts were to rebuild it as a track car, or perhaps to stance it out for weekend use only.  However, none of these ideas really motivated me to rebuild it. It had to be worth it. Something different, something new, at least to me.

And one morning it hit me, a Mk5 Golf Country GTI, inspired by the Mk2 Country Golf GTI!


So lets get started. First thing on the to do list is to take the front apart and and disassemble everything needed to get the engine out.

Mömus VW Mk5 Golf 5 GTI Country Build Project nearly Front Off.png
Mömus VW Mk5 Golf 5 GTI Country Build Project Front Off.png

The engine itself has been partly disassembled already, to see what happened to it.

Mömus VW Mk5 Golf 5 GTI Country Build Project Engine.png

Then the front fenders can go too, as they will be way to narrow for what what I have in mind here.

Mömus VW Mk5 Golf 5 GTI Country Build Project Fenders Off.png

We will be making a video series on the progress too: