An exercise in beautification, part 2.

BMW E39 - Bumper and body upgrades

Starting the mods

Right from the get go, I was set on replacing the bumpers with some M-package units. The reasons for this desire were manifold, but the two most pressing ones were as follows: to me, the E39 seems to be designed with and for the M-sport bumpers, as the lines flow so much better. And secondly, they freshen up the car enormously.  

Mömus BMW E39 Pre Facelift pfl bumper front headlights
Mömus BMW E39 m sport pack Facelift fl bumper front headlights line flow

As with most M-sport designs, they remained basically the same throughout the entire run of production, and do not receive a major facelift somewhere in the middle, like it's more everyday bumper-siblings. This makes the car look a lot fresher, as the design was still current in early 2004, instead of late 1999. Also, the sport bumpers give the car a bit more edginess and sharpness that I have come to appreciate in contemporary designs. 

Mömus BMW E39 remove replace take off pre facelift front bumper pfl

And so, the normal, pre-facelift bumpers came off and were to make way for the new ones. As I'm sure you all do too, I scoure the online-listings to look for upgrade parts for almost every car I think of buying. For the E39, it's like hitting a gold mine. Endless pages of parts are available. However, trying to find original, good condition upgrade parts such as the M-bumpers, can present a real challenge. I therefore sprung for some replicas, made by a reputable company in Germany.

Mömus BMW E39 comparison compare comparing pre facelift front bumper pfl to m sport pack facelift fl

At least, I though I did. The company I bought the bumpers from, informed me the rear units were out of stock. Next delivery would be in a month. So I scoured again, and amongst the many listings I found a matching rear unit. However, the company selling it was unknown to me. I did some investigating, and what did I find? The bumper was on sale at a discount on yet another listings-website. I went ahead and ordered, and got this:

Mömus BMW E39 chinese replica rear bumper facelift m sport pack

It turns out the ad for the bumper with discount was not the same as the one I found earlier matching the front, but for a Chinese unit. Oh, well. In fact, after some doubts about how flexible this thing was, and how bad the fitment was at first, the bumper was easier to get sitting right then the German one on the front.

Mömus BMW E39 remove replace install facelift sport m sport front bumper fl
Mömus BMW E39 remove replace install facelift rear m sport pack bumper fl

I decided to fit everything up first, including trim, and see if they actually line up right, prior to any painting. With this step of the facelift complete, I turned my attention to the pre-facelift grills. Every small part seems to make such a huge impact, yet they only work when done all together. I therefore ordered some facelift grills, in a piano black finish. Not a huge chrome-enthusiast to start with, but to me these kidneys contrast a lot nicer with the Aspen Silver finish then the originals.

Mömus bmw e39 piano gloss black kidney grills front
Mömus bmw e39 piano gloss black kidney grills front 2

I then turned my attention back to the rear of the car. Again, I wanted to give this car a bit more of the edginess and sharpness that I've come to like in modern car designs. The rear bumper and its diffuser already go a great way to achieve this, but I felt more could be done. A modest spoiler lip would make a world of difference here, wouldn't it?

Mömus BMW E39 Rear Facelift M sport pack spoiler lip

The spoiler is awaiting its paint treatment, together with the new bumpers. Speaking of them, with the front now looking so clean and smooth without the plates ruining any of the lines of the car, the rear was attacked too. Sadly, I don't have the minerals to run without any, so I removed the frame to clean it up just that little bit.

All of that can be seen in this video we made of our progress:


We are currently doing something with these.

Mömus bmw e39 next time facelift halo headlights angle eyes quad projectors