Installing an Android head unit!


The last little wood piece remaining in the centre console since the last update got whipped out to make place for an Android based head unit! It may seem just a small change to the car but is has got me excited as a little kid. There is just something about having that screen there.

Mömus BMW E39 Navigation Eonon Android Install close up

Wether it's the fact that it still has this "exclusive option" appeal to it (especially in this 90s cabin), dresses up the interior, or just plain gives me something to do whilst sitting in traffic or waiting around for something: it all makes me very happy.

The install was easy enough once I figured out the wiring. Luckily all the cables and adapters were properly labeled. The head-unit came with a back-up camera, but I chose not to install due to the seemingly shoddy quality. The head unit itself though, looks and feels really rather nice. 

Mömus BMW E39 Navigation Eonon Android Install in dash

The backlit buttons match wonderfully to the orange hue of the standard BMW ones, the design looks right, and even the knobs sound like the ones on the original unit. It looks right at home:

Mömus BMW E39 Navigation Eonon Android Install looking good

But instead of the tape deck monstrosity that was there before, I've now got Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS, DVD, and all the other modern goodies you can think of. I can't stop playing with it.

Mömus BMW E39 Navigation Eonon Android Install

We made a tasty little video for you to enjoy the install:



Updating the lights! + Cheeky quad-projector mod.

An exercise in beautification.

Have I been waiting for this! The old-style, dull looking, pre-facelift headlights have finally made way for some updated, clear lens units. The new headlights started life as original halogen equipped Hella's. Before I took command of them, some LED bulbs had already been installed to give the angel eyes some more brightness.

Mömus BMW E39 Comparision facelift Quad Projector Mod Headlights Facelift

That's a cute mod, but nothing like what was in store for them. I'm a sucker for projector headlights. They can really make or break a (modern) car for me, just like a set of wheels and springs can. The by now 30 year old BMW 325i E30 had these things fitted as standard, so why are reflector headlights still around today?

I don't know either, but I can get rid of the dated look of these main beams by high-jacking the projectors out of the old units and refitting them right in here.

Mocking up.

Mocking up.

After some struggling around, and getting everything to fit nicely, the lights were ready to be sealed and mounted back together. 

Mömus BMW E39 Making Of Quad Projector Mod Headlights Facelift

To me, this takes the car to a whole new level. Mind you, BMW chose to only offer quad projectors from the F10 5-series on. 

Mömus BMW E39 Front Quad Projector Mod Headlights Facelift
Mömus BMW E39 Front Quad Projector Mod Headlights Facelift close up

To match the front, some "facelift" replica tail lights were installed. Unlike the pro's of choosing originals for the front (such as the shroud and halo design), the con's of original facelift tails were mighty. To me, hammering out the body to make them fit, was not an interesting proposition. 

Mömus BMW E39 Facelift DEPO Rear Tail Celis Replica Lights

These replica's do look a bit plasticky in real life. I'm currently looking into a way to hide that, such as a tint spray or foil. The side markers were also swapped for some clear ones, to match the clear indicators in the headlights and taillights. 

Mömus BMW E39 Pre Facelift Orange Amber Indicator side marker blinker
Mömus BMW E39 Facelift White  Clear Indicator side marker blinker

Finally, the license plate lights were updated too. I went with some LED versions that have a relatively subtle blue-whiteish hue to them. 

Mömus BMW E39 facelift tail light led license plate light

To see the modding of the headlights and the installation of all these parts, we made this little video:

I started work on getting the wheels off and to see how we can get this thing to sit a bit nicer.

Mömus Bmw E39 Next time styling style bmw 238 wheels and springs